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Myofascial Magic

Posted on 25 June, 2015 at 0:15

The powers of Myofascial Release are yet to be fully appreciated on a mass scale as this is such an under studied mode of therapy.

Little did I know that this even existed until it was introduced as a module of study into the diploma of remedial massage. Thank goodness this has been recognised by its founder John Barnes who has done such great work in educating others as to it's powers so that practitioners such as myself can incorporate it into treatment.

You see, this technique is far more powerful than the traditional force of elbows onto muscle, as it work happens within the DEEP layers that work THROUGH and AROUND the muscle fibres. Yet it is so gentle and subtle, you'd think nothing was happening at the time!

In a recent treatment, a friend of mine released major trauma that had affected her legs and hips most of her life. Other techniques couldn't seem to penetrate to the root of what was causing her very physical and real pain until a 90 minute session of myofascial release.

The emotions were traced back to when she was 3 yrs of age and the body had cleverly stored this, as it so often does. She had been carrying this around completely subconsciously and it was affecting the way she walked, the shoes she could wear and how she slept at night.

Through the simple and caring method of myofascial massage she was able to release her body of the physical tension, which was connected with the emotional trauma so many years ago.

Now she reports full motion of her hips, greater flexiblity of her legs and most importantly - no more pain :)

I cannot take credit as practitioner for her treatment as the credit goes to her brave willingness to let it go and to the founder John Barnes for excellently getting this technique recognised.

And what impresses me further about this technique is the deep effectiveness of it on scars - regardless of how old or recent.

I have personally felt this affect on my shoulder scar from when I was 10 yrs old and it has since increased my range of motion- TRUE!

So although this is based on science and logic, it really does feel like magic, both when you are giving and receiving treatment.

Just remember the affects can take 48 hrs of your body still unwinding and releasing so be gentle with yourself, and enjoy a new freedom within your body. Because ultimately that's what's it all about, feeling good about your body, loving to be in your body, and therefore loving your life.

For more information on myofascial visit:

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Amanda x

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