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Baby & Infant Massage

Learn Safe & Empowering massage skills for you & your baby

Workshops, Private sessions, Refresher days

4 weeks or indivdual sessions, prices vary

Benefits Include:

*Aids Motor & Cognitive Development

*Suitable for Pre-term & Special needs

*Enhances Bonding 

*Strengthens Immunity

*Helps Sleep Patterns, Colic, Wind, Pain relief

Information Presentations

60-90 mins

Amanda is also a Certified Pediatric Massage Consultant qualified to give detailed information to health professionals. 
Registered with IMIS to provide you with up to date and relevant information being crucial for optimum health and well-being for both mother and baby.
From the best oils to use to valuable research aids, you and your team will be learning the safest knowledge to pass on to all parents and carers.

Pregnancy Massage

Healthy Mum = Healthy Baby

Benefits Include:

* Reduced Fatigue
* Reduced Neck & Back Pain
* Alleviated Stress on joints
* Helps restore the balance of the Nervous System
* Enhances Recovery of Muscle Tissue
* Promotes emotional well-being and support