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Sports Rehabilitation

Whether used on a specific injury or for maintenance to compliment training, various deep tissue methods with advance techniques are used on the stretch phase of movement to actively release trigger points.

Adhesions of the muscle fibres (commonly called knots) are broken down to allow smooth and efficient gliding to increase performance and promote repair. This can be done whilst fully clothed or minimal oil.

Myofascial Release

From the greek 'myo' meaning muscle and fascia being the connective tissue within all muscle fibres, organs and bones, this technique is gentle and non-intrusive yet working within the deep layers of the body. Note this is applicable to scars - within the tissue and on the surface of skin with profound and noticeable effects!  This can be done whilst fully clothed.

Watch the video below to see this beautiful phenomenon.

Zen Shiatsu

This Japanese pressure therapy (based on traditional chinese medicine techniques) uses similar points on the body as acupuncture, the meridians, in order to release blockages and allow the flow of chi throughout the body system. 

Particularly useful to renew vitality, help relieve morning sickness and digestive ailments.

Corrective yoga exercises, holistic counselling and nutritional guidance is also included.

This can be done whilst fully clothed.

Relaxation & Healing

Incorporating swedish, lomi lomi and gentle holds, this is a deep alternative to conventional techniques using just physical force. Subtle movements can be felt with huge changes and healing taking place on both a physical and emotional levels, especially in cases of releasing past traumas and surgery. This is usually done with oils.